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Interview: Shirogorov and Cheburkov knives.


In this series of the Interview, we are talking to people active in the knife industry and/or community. In this episode I am talking with Flip. He is another prominent member of the Dutch club the Bladestock Brothers. Do you like Shirogorov or Cheburkov knives? Then go ahead and continue reading.

The Bladestock Brothers have monthly meetings in Zwolle. A city in the eastern part of The Netherlands where they have their own club house.

During the 2019 october meeting, we recorded this interview. Flip owns a growing collection of fixed and folding knives that are certainly worth showing. He is know for his preference for tanto blades, but also his expensive taste in knives. And, especially for Russian high end production knives.

In this interview he shares a couple pieces from his awesome collection, his Shirogorov and Cheburkov knives in particular. All knives of a very high quality, buttery smooth and superb fit and finish. We hope you like watching the video.

Shirogorov is considered to be among the best knife manufacturers. In general recognised as Russia’s number one manufacturer. And, Cheburkov is commonly aknowledged as Russia’s number two. But Russia has a lot of knifemakers and small manufacturers. A lot of them being unknown to the outside world. So, Shirogorov and Cheburkov knives in general are in the higher price ranges starting at roughly $450,00 and going far beyond.

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Interested in visiting one of the monthly meetings of the Bladestock Brothers? Just use the contactform to get in touch. Or send a PM on Instagram @bladestockbrothers.

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