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Last exibition in Gembloux at the BKS, I had a Cran Forcé folding knife as a prototype on my table. It was the first knife with the Cran Forcé mechanism I have ever made. I call it the “The Gentleman”. So for me it was important to hear and see the reactions of the people that visited my table and handled the knife. Most often they loved the design and liked the idea of the non-locking knife that wouldn’t accidently close on your fingers. Of course it is not my invention, for it is a very old system. But, the combination of a gentlemans folder with a Cran Forcé system that can be carried despite all the restrictions, was the most heared comment.

One “problem” was that the spring was very strong. Most of the people didn’t dare to close it. The pressure you had to give on the blade to close the knife turned out to be too high, at least for a gentlemans folder. So I changed the spring tension to a level that it is easy to open and the blade cannot be close by pushing your tumb on the blade when you hold the knife in a natural position. The knife can be closed with an acceptable force now.

If you are interested in “The Gentleman”, please send me a PM on my Instagram or Facebook or send me an e-mail.

The Gentleman is available for sale.

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