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Strange Dive Knives


At the beginning of 2014 I was new to knife collecting. I had no direction yet in what I wanted to collect or which style attracted me most. But I was watching a lot of YouTube video’s to educate myself. One of these was an early attempt at a live stream by Jim Skelton. In it he was doing a sell through for some custom knifemakers. The video featured two curious knives of a totally different design. Unfortunately, because the sale was only for CONUS, I couldn’t get my hands on either of them.

After rewinding the video and Googling, it turned out that the knives were from a relatively new knifemaker called Edison Barajas, who had been making knives for just one year as Sharknivco. The design that had peaked my interest was a Fin, as in ‘shark fin’. This name mainly came from the shape of the front flipper tab. The other things that attracted me were the crazy multigrinds, with some of the models having 4+ grinds on a fairly small blade (4.8cm or 1.9 inch).

Sharknivco Fin’s

Later I learned that Edison’s inspiration for the knife was to create a useful divingtool as he is also a dive enthousiast. I am not sure though, but I doubt that any of the later models have ever seen the sea or the ocean. In August 2014 I was able to obtain my first Fin. A simple model with a simple grind, but I just loved how it felt in my hands. And not unimportantly, it was a great knife to play with. in September of that year number two arrived and Oktober saw the arrival of number three. This last one was a special version. The knife was made by Sharknivco, but all the additional work was done by Phantom Steel Works. This collaboration resulted in only two knives.

In December of the same year number 4 arrived. This time a more classical Fin, with a 3 grind blade and a blue bolster. After this, things became a little bit more quiet. Also because Edison had moved on to other models and wasn’t making any Fin’s anymore. Models like the Japanse, Robusta and Keto became popular. So it wasn’t until January of 2017 that I added the last Fin to the collection (currently that last one and the ‘Phantom’ Fin are still with me).

If you ever have the chance to own or hold one, I greatly recommend it. But, watch out for that Fin flipper tab! If your index finger is too close to the position of the stop pin, these little Fin’s, being the sharks that they are, will bite!

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