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My private knife collection


In this article I will cover my private knife collection. It took me several years to build this collection. And it changed a lot over the years. Buying, trading & selling. You probably know the burden of the collector.

Since several years I have been trying to maintain a Youtube channel. It’s just a small channel with few followers and my video’s are very amateurish. My English sucks. But I just like knives. Over the years followers kept asking to do a complete collection video; I own quite an amount. But I never did this because of the work involved and because it was just impossible for me to do an entire collection video because of the number of knives. So a while back, I decided to do a series of video’s to reveal my collection. This makes it is possible for me.

Revealing my collection is done in episodes, published on my Youtube channel on a weekly basis. During each episode I will reveal approximately 20 knives from my collection. The first episodes were recordings. But after a couple of recorded episodes, I thought it might add value when doing this during livestreams. To have interaction with viewers. This is very exciting. Questions may be unexpected. Sometimes you will not know the right answer. And things can go wrong. After all, you depend on the technique.

I don’t know if watching afterwards is as interesting as watching live while streaming. You will miss the interaction, you might miss questions, you miss the live context. But, maybe you like it anyway. Just let me know in the comment section what you think of watching afterwards. Or what you think of my collection.

So each week I will update this article with a new episode. If you have the opportunity to watch live and you like my video’s, just join me during the livestreams. Every tuesday at 8pm CEST (Amsterdam/Paris/Madrid time).

Episode 6

Recorded live on July 21 2020.

My Massive Knife Collection Ep. 6

Episode 5

Recorded live on July 14 2020.

My Massive Knife Collection Ep. 5

Episode 4

Recorded live on July 7 2020.

My Massive Knife Collection Ep. 4

Episode 3

My Massive Knife Collection Ep. 3

Episode 2

My Massive Knife Collection Ep. 2

Episode 1

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