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Scoop: The SOG Seal XR Tanto Fixed


Last week, out of the blue, I received a package from SOG Europe. In it a brand new fixed blade: the SOG Seal XR Tanto, a fixed blade. No information in the package. No information on the SOG website or any other website. So I reached out to SOG to get info on the knife. But this was just a few days before the weekend, so not suprisingly, I did not recive an answer yet. It probably will come in the next couple of days. I will update this article when I got additional info from SOG.

So the Seal XR Tanto is another member to the Professional lineup of SOG. All part of the new strategy SOG introduced a couple of monthas ago. Watch the interview with Jonathan Wegner and Keit Paxton from SOG about the new strategy.

SOG Seal XR Tanto fixed
SOG Seal XR Tanto fixed

So, the SOG Seal XR Tanto!? It is an USA made fixed blade with a Ceracoated S35VN blade with a sabergrind. Handle material is contoured G10. It has a nice pattern and all around the knife there is gimping/jimping. Together this provides a lot of grip, preventing the knife sliding out of your hands under various conditions. The fit & finish of this knife is really of an excellent level. Same with the ergonomics. But is it a step up in build quality & performance? Together with Sem, of the @barkriverknivesfanclub account on Instagram, we recorded a test and review video. See our video below.

Here are some photo’s taken before the actual testing.

Review & test SOG Seal XR Tanto fixed blade

Let us know in the comments what you think of this new member of the SOG family. And what you think of our video and test method.

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