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About Knives Heaven


Knives Heaven is a platform where content, demand, supplies, industry, community and social media come together. It is all about knives/knifesupplies designed or produced/made or sold regardless the origin. Production, handmade, kitchen, fixed, folding, utility and so on. Video, articles, reviews and what not.

Right now we are in testing fase. We expect to go live approximately around June 2020.

Knife people

Our platform consists of a couple of websites to provide information to all people with a passion for knives and every day carry gear. Like bushcrafters, collectors, hobby makers, users, survival specialists and so on. We are trying to provide as much information as possible on all topics, brands, makers, supplies and tools.

Knife Industry

We are here to support our Global working knifemakers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, stores, distributors and related crafstmen. We have a legacy to preserve (a long knifemaking history and a variety of knifemaking regions on the globe that deserves our support). Especially now there is an increase of legislation against owning and carrying knives. Knives should be considered tools.

But we also need your support. You can become a partner on our platform by publishing your content. Like new products, releases, specifications and so on. Our visitors will greatly appreciate your content. It provides them additional tools to make decisions on their next purchases and you will increase your leads for sales.

Independent content creators

We are also here to support our growing community of independent content creators. More and more existing platforms – like social media – get more and more restrictive towards content about knives. We want to offer the independent content creators a lasting platform to publish their content and a monetization tool as well.

But, we also need your support. You can use our platform to publish your content and provide our visitors with your information. This will be highly appreciated by our visitors. It helps them making the decision about their next purchase. And you increase your audience.

Find out more & contact

To find out more about our platform you migh consider reading these pages as well:
Partnering with our platform for companies
Subscribing to our newsletter to stay informed.

So please contact our team if you want to contribute as writer, video vlogger, company with press releases, to get your knives reviewed, and so on. Manufacturers, retailers, stores, webshops, knifemakers, collectors, writers, vloggers, all are welcome to contribute. As content contributor it is possible to get an account on this website and then you have several ways to provide your content. You pick the method that suits you the best.

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We also send out a periodic newsletter, pinpointed to your interests. Please subscribe to the newsletters you are interested in. See newsletter page with all subjects. Don’t be affraid, we will not spam you on a daily basis.

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