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Partnering with Knives Heaven


Are you a knifemaker, manufacturer, distributor, supplier or retailer or do you have a store or webshop? And do you want to become our partner? You can use this platform for your marketing, campaigns and announcements, making advantage of our powerful marketing strategies and social media integration. You don’t have to worry anymore about Search Engine Optimization, Google Ranking, Adwords and so on. Please contact us for the possibilities. Partnering with Knives Heaven will improve your marketing and increase your sales. Also take a look at our company website and our partner marketing support website.


When you become our partner we also offer you extensive support (for example marketing tips & trics, marketing strategies and education on campaigns) on a dedicated website for partners only. Please contact us for the possibilities.


We can even host the newsletters for your company if you become a contentpartner.

Knife makers

As a knifemaker you can extend your visibility and fame by using this platform for your own webshop. Low cost, low maintenance, high visibility. We can even host your own newsletter. Please contact us for the possibilities.


This is the most simple way of advertising. You get a banner on this website with direct links to your website or any landing page you want. But, please, contact us for more and maybe better solutions for your company.


You can get your own company account (you will be a content partner!) and can publish your own postings, articles, video’s on this platform. For example: announcements, press releases and so on. Your postings need to be informative and suitable for our platform. Please contact us about the possibilities.

Other possibilities

We have a lot to of effective custom solutions to offer, supporting your marketing cost effective with extensive lead generation. Contact us by using the contact form and we can send you our complete information package.

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